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One Woman, One Bike 42 Countries and 7 Continents

New Delhi, July 4 (ANI): A lady biker from Britain, Steph Jeavons, is on a mission to travel 42 countries and seven continents on her honda bike alone. Starting from London in March, she has already covered 13 countries and is currently riding in India. 38-year-old Jeavons, who hails from North Wales, wants to be the first British to ride across all seven continents on her own and that too at once. Having travelled 1000 miles on Indian backroads and dirt tracks, including Mumbai, Gujarat and Rajasthan, Steph narrated her experience of riding in the country. Jeavons, who is planning to take around 18 months to cover her tour, has a long list of places to explore to, next being Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Australia, South America, North America, Canada, Antarctica and Africa. Steph is definitely on a journey that most of the people can only dream about. Jul 4, 2014
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Belgium eye Argentina test

Veteran Belgium defender Daniel van Buyten has Argentina in his sights as the two sides prepare for their World Cup quarter-final showdown on Saturday. Duration: 01:49 Jul 4, 2014
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Costa Rica fairytale faces Dutch reckoning

The irresistible fairytale of Costa Rica faces a day of reckoning against Louis van Gaal_s hard, calculating Dutch side on Saturday in the World Cup_s most unlikely quarter-final. Duration: 01:52 Jul 4, 2014
Hulk Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2014 Quarterfinals: Neymar Alone Cannot Do It, Time for Hulk to Step Up

The primary reason for Brazil's underwhelming performances has been it has pretty much been a one-man show going forward in this 2014 FIFA World Cup. Neymar, Neymar and then some more Neymar – the burden needs to be reduced, and time is ripe for one of the other much-vaunted forwards to raise their hands up and say "hey, I am in this team too, and I can dazzle as well." Enter, Hulk. Jul 4, 2014