Terry Walsh
SAI is ready to re-appoint chief coach Terry Walsh.IANS

Sports Authority of India (SAI) Director General Jiji Thomson on Monday said that the authority is ready to re-appoint chief coach Terry Walsh but only after receiving the consent of approval from Hockey India (HI).

"We had discussed several issues with Terry Walsh and all the stakeholders regarding his (coach) proposals. HI raised some objection about some financial impropriety against Walsh and we need to get more details on it. HI won't accept Walsh without a clearance on this issue and we are also waiting for it to be cleared," Thomson said.

"The coach asked for two days to reply and he is yet to get back to us. There is no denying that he is a fantastic coach but it's not between us and Walsh. HI is a key part of the decision. If HI is not happy with him, it is difficult for us to engage him as the coach of the country. The ball is in HI's court. If HI says that it is comfortable with the coach, we are ready (to re-appoint Walsh)."

Thomson made it clear that the SAI has rejected Walsh's idea of providing online coaching from his home in Australia while taking a paid leave of 120 days.

"We were not comfortable with some of his demands. Online coaching system is not acceptable to us. Later, he came down on his demand of 120 days paid leave."