Boehner: Obama acting like 'a king' with his immigration plan

US Republicans offered strident reaction to President Barack Obama's unilateral plan for immigration reform. Speaker of the House John Boehner led the charge with a statement accusing Obama of acting like a king and an emperor. Duration: 00:30 Nov 22, 2014

Biden warns Russia over Ukraine on Maidan anniversary

US Vice President Joe Biden tells Russia it faces paying an ever-higher price over Ukraine as tensions ratcheted up on the first anniversary of mass protests which unleashed a year of turmoil. Duration: 00:42 Nov 22, 2014

Dutch teen in court after mum 'rescues' her from IS

A blonde, blue-eyed Dutch teenager from a Catholic family who was rescued by her mother after marrying an Islamic State fighter in Syria is to appear in court on terror charges. Duration: 00:55 Nov 21, 2014

Ebola exposes weakness in African institutions: Machel

Nelson Mandela's widow Graca Machel severaly criticised on Friday the African reaction to the Ebola outbreak saying that the epidemic had "exposed the worst weaknesses of our institutions". Duration: 01:25 Nov 21, 2014

Liberia's senator elections underway despite Ebola fear

Despite the calls to delay Liberia's senatorial election once again to limit any further spread of Ebola, the national election commission on Thursday declared open the campaign to renew 15 our of the 30 senatorial seats. Duration: 01:08 Nov 21, 2014

Toyota's hydrogen fuel-cell green car soon available in the US

Toyota presented its hydrogen fuel-cell compact car called "Mirai" to US consumers at the Los Angeles auto show. The car should go on sale in 2015 for around $60.000. It combines stored hydrogen with oxygen to generate its own power. Duration: 01:18 Nov 21, 2014