politicos-demand-action-against-yakub-qureshi-for-announcing-rs-51-crore-reward-to-paris-attackers Play

Politicos demand action against Yakub Qureshi for announcing Rs 51 crore reward to Paris attackers

New Delhi, Jan 08 (ANI): Political leaders on Thursday demanded action against BSP leader Yakub Qureshi who yet again spewed outrageous comments by lauding the barbaric attack in Paris and has announced Rs 51 crore reward for the attackers. He said that anyone who disrespected the Prophet Mohammed deserved death and he was ready to give the Rs 51 crore to the attackers, if they were to ask for it. BJP leader Sambit Patra said that such statements are a disgrace to the nation and also demanded that the BSP expel the leader at the earliest. Shahnawaz Hussain also demanded action against Qureshi. AAP leader Sanjay Singh said that no religion allows killings and such statements should be condemned. JD (U) Chief Sharad Yadav also condemned the same. Jan 8, 2015
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NDMC to distribute LED bulbs to its employees on Holi

New Delhi, Jan 08 (ANI): The New Delhi Municipal Council which faced criticism for spending over Rs.90 lakh to give away sweets to its employees on Holi last year has decided to distribute LED bulbs this year keeping with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for conservation of energy. NDMC chairperson Jalaj Shrivastava said that the council is also planning to halve the domestic energy consumption by the next financial year. Olympic medal winner Sushil Kumar and mountaineer Santosh Yadav will be the ambassadors in promoting the use of LED bulbs in the NDMC area. Jan 8, 2015
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Young shooting suspect no Islamist: schoolmates

Nobody at the high school attended by Mourad Hamyd, 18, who has been arrested in connection with the Charlie Hebdo shootings, believes that he could have been involved, according to his classmates. Duration: 00:58 Jan 8, 2015
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MEA briefing on first day of 2015 Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

Gandhinagar, Jan 08 (ANI): Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin on Thursday briefed mediapersons on the first day of the 2015 Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. Akbaruddin said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with dignitaries from South Africa, Mauritius and Guyana and talked about increasing cooperation in trade, along with other areas mutually beneficially to their respective nations. He said that PM Modi has assured Guyana that in the list of 43 countries that are granted visa on arrival, another country Guyana was added. He also said that the prime minister has been invited to Mauritius for Independence Day of the nation on March 12 to which the PM will consider according to his schedules. Jan 8, 2015
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Security experts on fresh firing in Paris

New Delhi, Jan 8 (ANI): A day after the deadly attack on a satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo's office in Paris, a police officer has been shot in fresh firing in the city's southern edge in France. A police officer was killed and a street sweeper was gravely wounded after a man opened fire with an automatic rifle. Security experts in India reacted on the same. Jan 8, 2015
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Expectations and withdrawal from partner puts relationship at risk

New Delhi, Jan 08 (ANI): If you tend to go into your shell following an argument with your partner, or have expectations from them, you may hurt your relationship, claims a new study. The two are the most common types of disengagement in relationships, and both can be harmful, but in different ways and for different reasons.Withdrawal does not necessarily influence whether a couple can resolve a conflict, but expecting or hoping the other person will be a mind reader and has a direct influence on the couple's ability to settle the issue.The research showed that individuals were more likely to report withdrawal if they were bored or apathetic. Meanwhile, those who expected a partner to know what is wrong without being told are anxious and feeling neglected rather than threatened. Jan 8, 2015