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People have weird sexual fetishes, and in that long list, this one seems to be the creepiest of all. Known as Formicophilia, some people feel sexually satisfied when they are crawled by insects or even bitten by them.

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A man wrote to a love column called The Stranger asking for advice regarding how to deal with the fetish of his partner

"One of the things she's into is formicophilia -- a sexual interest in being crawled on or nibbled by insects," the anonymous man explained.

"I offered to get some ants and worms to crawl on her body while I f*** her, but she wants me to put earthworms in her vagina.

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"Is there a safe way to do this? Female condom? I want to help, but putting worms in your vagina seems like it will end with an embarrassing trip to the ER."

Yes, pals. This woman would very much like it to have earthworms wriggling around in her vagina. This is rare, but that woman isn't alone in this particular sexual preference.

Formicophilia is a known fetish and there are many reports of people who would like to experience sexual satisfaction from getting stung by bees or being crawled on by insects.

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This sexual fetish is potentially risky as it's not safe to place an earthworm in the vagina; it can cause infections.

"Anything that lives in soil could easily inoculate the vagina with pathogenic bacteria," Dr Jen Gunter responded to the anonymous man's query.

Also, the chances of the earthworm to survive in the vagina are minimal, as worms are very fragile it can get squished or die of suffocation. The body parts of the worm can remain in the vagina after the sexual act is over, which can result in irritation, infection and damage to the organ. It could also affect the pH balance of the vagina.

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Dr Gunter suggests using fingers instead. One can use gummy worms too but the vagina becomes prone to yeast infection is exposed to sugar

The worm could be inserted into a condom in order to keep infections at bay, but that wouldn't provide the satisfaction that the person is looking for.

People who have formicophilia should realise that they are killing an organism just for the sake of getting orgasm and fulfil their urge.