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A new heartbreaking sex trend is on the rise this festive season, and it is called d*** and dash.

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This trend is about using people just for sex; in this relation one of the partners thinks that s/he is putting in time for a serious, long-term relationship while the other is not serious about the relationship.

According to the Urban Dictionary, such a relation is defined as "the process of being in a relationship just for sex then dumping them in a short amount of time."

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This sort of a relationship lasts for a very short term: The time period ranges from a day to a week.

Here's how you can prevent being a victim of this trend:

If you are looking for a serious relationship, be careful about the partner you choose and make sure your partner is as serious about the relation as you are.

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Signs such as your partner calling or messaging you only when they want to have sex clearly signifies that they are not really serious about you and you are falling prey to this rising trend of d*** and dash.

Apart from no or less communication, also beware of the display of affection by your partner. If it's over the top (OTT) be careful that your partner is not just pretending to be serious or deeply in love with you.

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Excess praise and compliments by someone you have recently met are other things you need to be careful about. Don't get swayed easily: These could simply be attempts by the person to sleep around with you to fulfil their sexual urges.

Signs that your partner is serious:

Some of the signs that your partner is serious for you includes the person introducing you to his or her family and friends.

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If your partner is not in the relationship with you just for sex, it points towards the person being serious about the relationship and concerned about you.