Chimpanzee swings from power lines after escaping a zoo

The dramatic capture of a male chimpanzee that escaped from a zoo in northern Japan was witnessed by many on 14 April, as dozens of workers and animal experts gathered to primate swinging on power lines. Chacha, a 24-year-old male chimpanzee was declared missing from the Yagiyama Zoological Park early on Thursday after locals reported to authorities that a primate was roaming their neighbourhood. Apr 15, 2016

Dashcam video shows moment strong quake hits southwestern Japan

Dashcam video shows a passenger bus shaking the moment a powerful earthquake hit Kumamoto on 14 April. The red bus was stopped at a red light when the earthquake struck. The driver, Yoshinari Aoki, who filmed it on his dashboard camera, can be heard expressing his surprise at the strength of the quake. Apr 15, 2016