Six-year-old US boy offers home to Syrian child refugee in letter to President Obama

Six-year-old Alex from New York sent a letter to US President Barack Obama asking Syrian refugee Omran Daqneesh to come and live with him. Footage of the bloodied five-year-old boy emerged earlier in 2016, after he was dragged from a destroyed building in Aleppo. In his letter to the White House, Alex offers to share his bike and toys with Daqneesh, and said he would teach him addition and subtraction. A clip of Alex reading his letter has now gone viral, and has been viewed over four million times on Facebook. Sep 22, 2016

Stop Trump bus tours London to urge Americans in Britain to register

Americans living in London are being urged to register to vote in the Presidential election on 8 November. Avaaz, the organisers of the Stop Trump bus, say that there are 200,000 Americans living in Britain, but only 12% of them vote. They also plan to hold similar registration drives in Berlin and Mexico city. Sep 22, 2016