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Renowned violinist Balabhaskar (Bala Bhaskar) and his family met with a car accident in the early hours of Tuesday. As per the latest updates from the scene, Balabhaskar's two-year-old daughter Tejaswi Bala lost her life as an aftermath of the incident. Balabhaskar, his wife Lakshmi and driver Arjun are now admitted to a private hospital.

The accident apparently happened in Pallipuram, near Thiruvananthapuram. As per close sources to Balabhaskar's family, the violinist and his family were on the way back from Thrissur where they had gone to visit the famous Vadakkum Nathan Temple.

"As per preliminary information, the primary cause of the accident is touted to be driver's doze off. The family was returning from Thrissur after visiting a temple," said the Police.

As the driver accidentally slept for a while, the car hit a tree nearby. Soon, Highway police were alerted, and they rushed to the scene. Even though the victims were soon transported to a nearby hospital, Tejaswi Bala could not be saved.

A new report which is now being aired on Asianet news channel reveals that both Balabhaskar and wife Lakshmi are also now in a critical condition. It has been learned that Balabhaskar and Lakshmi are now in the ventilator. Balabhaskar has serious spinal injuries, and the medical team is apparently planning to do surgical procedures to save his life. More details regarding the duo's health condition are expected to be briefed by the doctors soon.

As per the latest reports from the hospital, it has been learned that a medical team is busy conducting a surgical procedure on Balabhaskar.  

Apart from being a violinist, Balabhaskar is also an acclaimed music director. At the age of 12, he composed songs for the movie 'Mangalya Pallakku' and emerged as the youngest person to score tunes for a Malayalam movie.

Later, Balabhaskar (Bala Baskar) became the heartthrob of music lovers after he started working with fusion scores.