Nap lounges sprout up in stressed-out Hong Kong

Napping is a serious business for many, so many companies are trying to make napping their business. Hong Kong is pricey, cramped and crowded, so finding a tranquil space is hard come by, at any hour. Companies like Nap Lounge are trying to change that. Hong Kong professionals can sneak in up to an hour of shut-eye for just over HK$10 ($1.30, 92p) in the middle of a hectic day. Feb 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders action toy funded on Kickstarter

Orders for a 6” tall Bernie Sanders action figure – complete with signature slouch, open mouth and accusatory pointed finger – were flooding in from fans on Kickstarter, months ahead of the products delivery date in July. Brooklyn-based FCTRY created a prototype for the plastic version of the Vermont senator and started a campaign with a goal of raising $15,000 (£10,640) to fund production. Within 24 hours FCTRY had raised about $40,000 from fans snapping up various deals, including a sold-out $20 offer for a single Bernie Sanders action figure called The Early Bern Special #1. Feb 26, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg reveals his record 20-second nappy change

Mark Zuckerberg is on a charm offensive in Germany, where the company he co-founded has faced criticism for months from politicians and regulators over its privacy practices and a slow response to anti-immigrant postings by neo-Nazi sympathisers. The 31-year-old entrepreneur met Chancellor Angela Merkels chief of staff, told journalists about his vision for the future of Facebook and received an award from publisher Axel Springer while avoiding controversial topics. Feb 26, 2016