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The Cyberabad police have arrested four people in connection with suspected rape and murder of a veterinary doctor within 24 hours after her burnt body was found near an underbridge at Shamshabad in the outskirts of Hyderabad on Thursday, November 28.

The police have arrested a lorry driver, cleaner and two others in connection with the murder. It is alleged that the suspects had planned to rape the doctor as they were watching her from the time she parked her bike near the toll plaza. They also punctured her bike tyres to trap her.

According to the reports, on Wednesday (November 27), the victim left the house after coming from work around 5.30 pm as she had an appointment at a hospital in Gachibowli. She left the house on her scooter and parked the bike near ORR toll plaza near Thonudpally and went to the hospital.

Surveillance footage from the toll plaza shows that she came to get her scooter when two people believed to be truck drivers approaches her. The truck drivers reportedly told her that the tyres of her scooter was punctured and should be repaired or else it may break down.

She called her younger sister on phone around 9.20 pm and told her that her bike had a flat tyre and some strangers were trying to help her but insisted her sister to stay on-line as she was afraid of the strangers who were trying to help her.

Shamshabad murder
Shamshabad murder: Police investigating the area, where the victim was set ablazeTwitter

Cyberabad police form 15 special teams

A little later her phone was switched off and her parents approached the Shamshabad police and registered a missing person case. The Cyberabad police formed 15 special teams under the supervision of police Commissioner VC Sajjanar, IPS.

The victim's charred body was found on Thursday by a farmer at the underbridge around 30 km away from the toll plaza. The police found that she was wrapped around with a cloth and was set ablaze by dousing kerosene on her body. A gold pendant and a partly-burnt scarf were found from the spot which helped the victim's family to identify her.

The police also found innerwear, a purse, a pair of footwear and an empty alcohol bottle near an empty land near ORR toll plaza, where the victim is believed to have parked her scooter. According to the reports, a lorry driver named Mohammad Pasha from Narayanpet in Mahababubnagar district is the main suspect.

The investigators said that the post-mortem did not reveal any signs of sexual assault as the 70 percent of the body was burnt. But the evidence such as the innerwear and alcohol bottles found near the spot shows that the victim may have been raped by the miscreants before she was murdered.