Union Home Minister, Amit Shah has hinted major changes in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) that were formed and enacted during the rule of British in the country. Home Minister further announced that the center is under the process of formulating new law in the IPC and CrPC and have already sought suggestions in this regard from the police forces across the nation, reported, the Indian Express. 

Amit Shah
Amit ShahReuters

Amit Shah at 47th All India Police Science Congress

Amit Shah was speaking at the valedictory session of the 47th All India Police Science Congress (AIPSC) organized at state police headquarters in Lucknow. Shah said, "The Government of India is going to do a very significant work of bringing structural change in the CrPC and IPC. The Arms Acts are changing in this session. We are also making modifications in law related to narcotics and later we will bring changes in the CrPC and IPC.

This is because both the CrPC and IPC were drafted by a country that wanted to maintain law and order in the country enslaved by them. Their priority was neither the citizen nor the country. Now we are free and cannot continue with the same approach. - Amit Shah, Union Home Minister

Announcement of central universities

The Home Minister further announced a central Raksha Shakti University for the students seeking a career in professional policing. A National Forensic Science University will also be opening in the coming days.

Amit Shah
Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Regarding the new law, Shah added that suggestions and recommendations and drafts received on the issue would be put on the website. Moreover, the suggestions will also be taken from lawyers and judges before taking any final decision. Stressing on the need to create a Modus Operandi Bureau to study patterns of the crime, he recommended a Director Prosecution in each state. Also, he suggested the answerability of public prosecutors on why they keep asking for new dates in courts.

Internal security key to achieving $ 5 trn GDP target: Shah

Stressing on the importance of strengthening its internal security, Shah said that internal security is the key element to achieve the goal of a $ 5 trillion GDP target. "After Modiji came to power, the economy has been strengthened. By 2024, we aim to make India a USD 5 trillion economy. When we make this effort, we should understand that many powers will get active to stop us," he added.