Russian teen lovers commit suicide after police shoot-out Play

Russian teen lovers commit suicide after police shoot-out

Two Russian teenagers streamed themselves shooting at police officers on live-vlogging site Periscope before taking their own lives. The incident reportedly occurred after the pair had run away from their parents. Before the shooting was underway, Denis posted a photographs on Instagram showing guns, ammunition, walkie-talkies and dollar bills. They also left goodbye messages to friends and family on social media. Katya said they had acquired the guns from a safe in the cottage, which belonged to her stepfather, a former member of the military. The pair fled their homes three days previously after an argument with her mother, Katya says – at which point Denis shoots her in the leg with an air pistol. In the footage, Denis says: If we dont surrender, we die. But if we surrender, we will never see each other again. In a statement, Russian police said officers had not returned fire and had tried to persuade the pair to give themselves up. When they stormed the house, they found clear signs of suicide. Nov 15, 2016