Metropolitan Police launch #GiveUpYourGun campaign Play

Metropolitan Police launch #GiveUpYourGun campaign

Police are asking Londoners to hand in firearms and imitation weapons during a two-week firearms surrender campaign, launched by the Metropolitan Police Service this Monday, 23 November. The surrender will run between 07:00 hours on 23 November and 23:00 hours on Sunday, 6 December and will give Londoners the opportunity to safely dispose of firearms, imitation weapons or ammunition, by taking them to a local 24-hour police station and handing them in. During this two-week period, people surrendering firearms may not face prosecution for illegal possession and can remain anonymous. Each live weapon handed in will be assessed by firearms officers, with some weapons being forensically checked for evidence. Feb 6, 2017
China: Fire in foot massage parlour kills at least 18 Play

China: Fire in foot massage parlour kills at least 18

A massive fire broke out in Chinas eastern Zheijang province killing at least 18 people. The cause of the fire is unclear as authorities are still investigating the incident. Fire safety measures are said to be routinely ignored in China, with exit doors locked and escape passages blocked in buildings. Feb 6, 2017