Weird faceless fish found in Australian abyss Play

Weird faceless fish found in Australian abyss

A bizarre faceless fish has been found during a voyage to one of the deepest parts of the ocean ever visited. Pulled up for the Australias eastern abyss, the strange creature is only the second specimen of the species ever to be found, the first found in 1873 in the waters off Papua New Guinea. May 31, 2017
Moscow storms kill 11 people Play

Moscow storms kill 16 people

Eleven people were reportedly killed and many more injured when a severe storm hammered the Moscow metropolitan area on Monday, May 29, uprooting trees and stripping roofs. Thousands were left without electricity as fallen trees cut power lines.A resident in Lobnya, north of Moscow, filmed debris flying through the air from his balcony as the storm passed over. May 30, 2017