Asteroid collision
Don Davis via University of Florida

As doomsday fear looms up among conspiracy theorists due to the impending blood moon, Paul Begley, an evangelical pastor has claimed that the real end times will be triggered on the planet when a monster asteroid and comet slams into the earth's surface. Even though the conspiracy theorist has not revealed the date in which the impact is going to happen, he made it clear that the predictions are made after analyzing biblical scriptures.

As per Paul Begley, detailed descriptions about these multiple impacts are mentioned in the Prophetic Book of Revelations, the final book of Bible. Begley predicts that the first impact will be on the sea, and it will create the extinction of a third of all marine life in the seas and oceans. This deep impact will create a giant tsunami all over the globe killing millions.

Then, another bright comet will also slam on to earth with intense light and radiation.

"Waters will be poisonous – many men will die because of the waters. These are the events that are coming upon this planet and you can't stop it but it's not just that. Even in Revelation 8, you go to verse 12 and you see that four angles sounded and the third part of the Sun was smitten, the third part of the Moon, the third part of the stars as the third part of them was darkened," said Begley, reports.

Even though Paul Begley's prediction about an impending doomsday has gone viral on the internet, experts and scientists at NASA believe that the chances of a near-earth object hitting the earth in the next hundred years are remote.

However, some experts have previously warned that there is a slight possibility of asteroid Bennu hitting the earth in the next 175 years. These space experts believe that severe devastation will be triggered across the globe if Bennu hits the earth powerfully.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started claiming that NASA is well aware of a rogue space body that may hit the planet in the near future. Recently, NASA has started preparations for testing their planetary defense weapon to deviate the trajectory of threatening objects from deep space.

Conspiracy theorists believe that these quick preparations from NASA are an indication that something dangerous is approaching the earth from a dark corner in the universe.