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David Montaigne, a popular Christian conspiracy theorist has claimed that it was interpreted wrongly that the apocalypse to be in 2012, and made it clear that the real doomsday will be triggered in 2019. As per Montaigne, the apocalypse predicted in 2012, based on the Mayan calendar, was just the beginning of a seven year tribulation period, and this year marks the completion of this time span.

Montaigne argues that the real apocalypse will begin on December 21, 2019, exactly seven years after the Mayan calendar predicted the inevitable doomsday. The conspiracy theorist revealed that, on December 28, seven days after December 21, pole shift will happen in the earth, and soon, natural disasters will be triggered everywhere on the planet.

Montaigne believes that the upcoming events on planet earth will be fulfilling biblical prophecies mentioned in the holy book thousands of years ago.

"December 21, 2019 - When the Seven Years end and the week of the Heavenly Wedding begins. December 26, 2019 - When the bride receives the ring from the Bridegroom. December 28, 2019 - The wedding ends on Judgment Day - with a POLE SHIFT that will create a new heaven and a new earth," wrote David Montaigne on the website End Times and 2019, Express.co.uk reports.

The conspiracy theorist argued that astronomical signs are pointing to the fact that the inevitable apocalypse will happen this year for sure.

"Their clearest clues are astronomical - they describe how the night sky looked in their visions of the end of the world. Clues from the Egyptians, the Maya, and especially Bible prophets - all lead us to December 2019, when the clearest and most amazing signs of all occur - the movements of the sun, moon, planets, and stars act out all the major steps of an ancient Jewish wedding ceremony between Christ and His bride - us," added Montaigne.

This is not the first time that Montaigne is making outlandish predictions about the future. A few years ago, Montaigne had predicted that the antichrist will land on the planet in 2016. He had also claimed that Barrack Obama is actually Lucifer.

In the meantime, a section of doomsday mongers has started claiming that the real apocalypse will happen this month, on the Super Blood Moon day. As per these theorists, the moon will be dipped in red blood color during the end times, which in turn fulfills biblical prophecies.