NASA/ Lynette Cook

Paul Begley, a popular Christian pastor has claimed the upcoming blood moon which will happen in January 2019 could mark the beginning of an apocalypse. As per Paul Begley, the January 21 blood moon that will coincide with the Supermoon is an indication that the end time is nigh.

Apocalypse imminent?

Begley argues that all these events are fulfilling biblical prophecies, and he even added that such a warning is cited in the Book of Joel 2:31. He also made it clear that these celestial events are also marking the second coming of the Christ.

"The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come," the passage states, Express.co.uk reports.

Paul Begley also added that true believers need not worry about the upcoming apocalypse, as their souls will be pulled off the earth before the devastation triggers.

Even though Paul Begley is quite sure about an impending apocalypse, experts claim that these events have nothing to do with an apocalypse or doomsday.

The blood moon and Supermoon coinciding

The last blood moon which was visible on earth was on July 27, 2018. At that time too, many conspiracy theorists had argued that the world will face an apocalypse. But those weeks went uneventfully, and the world remained the same as ever.

In January 2019, a blood moon is going to coincide with a supermoon. During the blood moon, the moon will be under the earth, and it will appear bright red in color when viewed from the earth. In the same time, the moon will have its closest approach to earth, and thus, it will be also a supermoon.

Adamant Nibiru believers expecting the worst

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that the apocalypse on earth will be triggered by the arrival of Nibiru (Planet X), a rogue killer planet that might be lurking in the edge of our solar system.

As per these conspiracy theorists, the recent discovery made by scientists which hypothesized the existence of a ninth planet beyond Neptune is an indication of Nibiru's existence. These conspiracy theorists believe that Nibiru will one day hit earth with its full fury causing widespread destruction in all nooks of the planet.