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Fashion Khoj Ends

Khoj brings fashion and eco-friendly elements together on the ramp. Designer Karishma Sahani with her collection titled Khoj brings archaeological inventions and discoveries from around the globe to life. The highlights of her collection are her unique use of natural fabric, like organic cotton and bamboo fibres that are bio-degradable. Her dying techniques too involve [...] Sep 14, 2014
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Fashion Railways

India Couture Week, 2014, began on a royal note with Sabyasachi’s vintage collection titled Ferozabad. The ramp which was turned into the classic Ferozabad railway station stunned the audiences. Classic cuts, prints and embellishments reminiscent of the old Ferozabad city set the mood for the show. The design showcase comprised six yards, lehengas, peplum tops, [...] Sep 14, 2014
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Salman Khan unveils eighth edition of 'Big Boss'

Mumbai, Sept 13 (ANI): Bollywood actor, Salman Khan, on Thursday unveiled eighth edition of reality TV show 'Bigg Boss', in India's showbiz capital, Mumbai. "Bigg Boss" follows the international format and features celebrity contestants closeted in a house near Mumbai for three months with no access to the outside world. The inmates of the house are subjected to a life of constant scrutiny, with dozens of cameras and microphones focusing on them. Each week, one of them is voted out. Salman said that the show gets better with better contestants. However, Salman said he was reluctant to host the show this year as it was too tiring but later on stated that he still chose to be a part of the season eight as he liked the format. As per local media reports, this year Bigg Boss would be shot in aircraft like house. Sep 13, 2014