You may have followed the many tech events that happened in India in 2016, maybe you haven't. But if you consider yourself tech-savvy then you should get at least 75% of these questions right. If you don't, well then you're just a luddite. Answers are below the last question (no peeking). So brace yourselves and get on with it...

1. Name the Samsung flagship smartphone that was NOT launched in India this year

2.Name the lone Moto phone series that comes with detachable snap-on accessory capability

3. What is the only flagship phone series that comes with proprietary Dash Charge technology?

4. What key feature did Apple ditch in its iPhone 7 series?

5. What is the key offering of Reliance Jio? 

6. Which phone series did Google officially disbanded this year?

7. What's the name of the Xiaomi's biggest phone (by screen-size) that launched this year in India? 

8. Which phone brand holds the record of selling the highest number of units in a single day on Flipkart? 

9. Name the makers of the Freedom 251, touted as world's cheapest smartphone.

10. Name Huawei's flagship phone that sports a Leica camera 

11. Which mobile phone company eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack from smartphones before Apple? 

12. Which Snapdragon chipsets for budget, mid-range phones did Qualcomm launch in 2016? 

13. When does Reliance Jio's Happy New Year offer end? 

14. Which online retailer has exclusive rights to sell OnePlus smartphones in India? 

15. How much does a Reliance Jio SIM cost? 

16. Which telcos are testing 1Gbps broadband services in India? 

17. Which popular and anticipated mobile game released in India in December? 

18. Which new telco made its wireless offering public this year? 

19. Which was the first flagship smartphone to run Google Android Nougat out of the box? 

20. Which digital wallet was the most preferred this year, after demonetisation?

21. Which new 4.7-inch Apple iPhone was launched in India this year? 

22. Which new gaming console did Microsoft release this year? 

23. Which is the cheapest smartphone this year in India? 

24. Did free voice calling become a reality this year in India? 

25. Which important prepaid tariff plan did BSNL launch this year? 


Reliance Jio, Happy New year offer
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1. Samsung Galaxy Note7; 2. Moto Z series; 3. OnePlus 3/3T; 4. 3.5 mm audio jack; 5. Free voice-call for life; 6. Nexus series; 7. Mi Max; 8. Moto E3 Power; 9. Ringing Bells; 10. Huawei P9; 11. LeEco; 12. SD 435, 425 and 625; 13. March 31, 2017; 14.; 15. It's free; 16. Jio and Airtel; 17. Pokemon Go; 18. Reliance Jio; 19. LG V20; 20. Paytm; 21. iPhone 7; 22. Xbox One S; 23. Freedom 251; 24. Yes; 25. Rs 149 free unlimited calls plan