Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 successor expectationsReuters

In a shocking revelation by a research firm Apteligent, it was discovered that there are more people using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 currently than the number of LG V20 and OnePlus 3T combined. The research firm also revealed that Moto Z users were only a handful more than the Galaxy Note 7.

This is surprising because Samsung is turning the tables upside down to make sure all the units are recalled. According to the South Korean tech giant, 93 percent of the total Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were successfully recalled in the U.S., but the job is far from done yet.

Even though a large percentage of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are off the market, the remaining percentage accounts for a lot more than some of the popular handsets in use currently. But it appears that Sony Xperia XZ and Google's Pixel series have been relatively more popular than the Galaxy Note 7s.

Samsung initiated the recall process of Galaxy Note 7 in October after several reports of explosion cases were filed by users. For consumers' safety, Samsung has taken some drastic measures to force them to return the faulty devices like rendering the Galaxy Note 7 useless with a software update in the U.S.

Samsung started getting reports of explosions during the initial release phase, which forced the company to stop the phone from launching globally. In India, the Galaxy Note 7 never saw the light of the day, Samsung confirmed.

But the report by Apteligent gives an insight on how well the LG V20, despite its superior specs and performance, has failed to impress buyers. OnePlus 3T was recently launched and it is likely to catch on the market as it delivers great performance and gives total worth for the dime.

The hundreds and thousands of Galaxy Note 7s out there pose a serious threat to user's safety. So it may come to a point where Samsung will remotely disable the phones to stop people from using them and returning them to safety.