Criminal mastermind behind Oceans 11 jailbreak captured in Spain disguised as devil

One of France’s most wanted criminals was arrested in Spain. Police caught hitman Hamid Hakkar at a Halloween party - dressed as the devil.The 47-year-old was on the run after failing to return to prison for the murder of a drugs dealer after day release in 2013.He is wanted in France for murder, drug trafficking and money laundering.He hit the headlines for helping in the Paris jail escape of a bank robber in 2003. It drew similarities to the Hollywood movie Oceans 11 for its audacity and boldness. Nov 5, 2016

Twin panda cubs reunited one month after birth

These two panda twins separated at birth one month ago in Shanghai have been united again. Their mother accepted only the male cub because the female one was ill. It was raised by animal keepers for the first five days then the cubs were swapped.They are now nursed by their mother in turns and are both happy and healthy. Nov 5, 2016