Hundreds of thousands of Catalans rally in support of independence from Spain

Hundreds of thousands took to the street across Catalonia on 11 September to support independence from Spain which local leaders want to deliver in 2017, despite legal challenges by the Spanish government. In Barcelona alone around 540,000 people waved Catalonian flags and banners on La Diada, Catalonias national day. Sep 12, 2016

Pleasure boat crashes straight into Canary Wharf pier following fire

A pleasure boat drifted off course and crashed into the pier at Canary Wharf in London on 11 September. The BBC reported that the boat, carrying 151 people along the Thames, got into difficulty after its engine caught fire.Heavy smoke can be seen coming from the boat as it drifts towards the pier wall. The pier was closed shortly after to allow an evacuation of passengers. No injuries were reported. Sep 12, 2016

Hour-long police chase comes to a dramatic end

A driver has been jailed for 15 months after pleading guilty to dangerous driving following a near one-hour police chase in and around Worthing in February. This dashcam video shows the police bringing the pursuit to a safe, but dramatic conclusion. Sep 12, 2016