Worlds saddest polar bear offered new home in North England

A polar bear called Pizza that is currently held in an aquarium in a Chinese shopping mall has been offered safe haven by the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster, England. Pizza made headlines back in March 2016 after the video was published by animal rights campaigners Animal Asia. Animal Asia’s petition to shut down the aquarium has gathered nearly 260,000 signatures as of September 19. Sep 20, 2016

Ramzan Kadyrov maintains Chechen presidency with 98% of vote

Russias Republic of Chechnya voted overwhelmingly in favour of regional president Ramzan Kadyrov. The Chechen leader won 98 percent of the vote in elections that did not meet international standards. He held a banquet in honour of Chechnyas women on results day, dressed as a medieval warrior. Sep 20, 2016

Tommy Robinson angry at police action following f**k Isis England flag controversy

EXCLUSIVE: The former EDL leader has criticised police actions after his proposed ban from attending England football matches was rejected on 19 September. Robinson had been labelled a catalyst for violence and disorder by the UK Football Policing Unit after being seen holding an England flag with the words f**k Isis printed on the front. Sep 19, 2016