Funerals held for some of the victims of the devastating Italy earthquake

An earthquake that killed over 292 people hit central Italy on 24 August, levelling numerous towns. A funeral was held for some of the victims in Amatrice, where 231 of the 292 victims were killed. There was uproar after the funeral was originally due to be held in Reiti, over 37 miles away, due to the devastation in Amatrice. But after public pressure, Italys Prime Minister ordered it to be held in Amatrice. Aug 31, 2016

Opposition supporters celebrate ahead of official presidential results in Gabon

Supporters of Gabon opposition candidate Jean Ping celebrated in the Gabon capital, Liberville, after initial results from the countries presidential election showed him in the lead. Ping claimed victory over current President Ali Bongo, who has also said he expected to emerge victorious. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged both sides to accept the results and EU observers had reportedly said the election was carried out in a way that lacked transparency. Aug 30, 2016