Venezuelan opposition leader pre-recorded video released after his arrest Play

Venezuelan opposition leader pre-recorded video released after his arrest

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez urged his supporters to keep up the fight against President Nicolas Maduro in a video message posted hours after his arrest in a raid on his home on Tuesday, August 1.Lopez had been under house arrest at his home in Caracas, where he says he recorded this video on July 17 in anticipation of possibly being taken to prison.Lopez confirmed in a video sent to his Twitter followers, that his wife, Lilian Tintori and amp;#39;s pregnancy was another reason to fight for Venezuela and added it was the best news he had received in the last three and a half years. Lopez was granted house arrest in July following three years in prison for his role in anti-government street protests in 2014.Government opponents called the abrupt removal of the men from their homes by security forces in nighttime raids a sign of Venezuela and amp;#39;s President Nicolas Maduro and amp;#39;s determination to silence rivals and stamp out four months of massive street protests against him. Aug 2, 2017
Freedom of speech in India

Freedom of the gut: Why I think like Bill but still can't express it

The West's tradition of free speech and expression creates possibilities of human betterment. It is not that those thoughts will have to be true but the very capacity to think on new lines keeps the human evolution happening. In India, can we be that much brave? Aug 2, 2017