Thousands march to honour 80th anniversary of the anti-fascist Battle of Cable Street

Many joined a march in Londons East End to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. The 1936 battle involved upwards of 20,000 anti-fascist demonstrators who clashed with Oswald Mosleys British Union of Fascists and officers from the Metropolitan Police Service who were protecting them.One of the main organisers of this years rally, David Rosenberg is also a member of the Jewish Socialists Group and Jews for Jeremy. He spoke to IBTimes UK about the importance of todays event. Oct 9, 2016

Hurricane Matthew: death toll nears 900

The number of people killed from Hurricane Matthew climbs towards 900 with risk of cholera and lack of emergency supplies adding to the devastation. Oct 9, 2016

Police film rescue of toddler from submerged car in hurricane floods

Police in Fayetteville, North Carolina have filmed the dramatic rescue of a toddler and his mother. The family’s car was almost submerged in floods caused by Hurricane Matthew.Luckily, police officers were driving through the area to check for people trapped in their cars.More than 100 water rescues were made in Fayetteville alone. At least four people were missing in the area. Oct 9, 2016

Cops killed at simple family disturbance in California

Two police officers where killed after arriving at the scene of a family disturbance. One of them was Jose Gil Gilbert Vega, who was due to retire in December. The other officer was Lesley Zerebny, a new mother who had only recently returned to work after giving birth to a baby four months ago. A third office was wounded in the attack.Police are still looking for the suspect who has fled the scene. Oct 9, 2016

Battle for Orlando: Whos voting for Donald Trump in the key US election swing state of Florida?

Donald Trump’s popularity among so-called political outsiders, gun owners and growing support from the large Christian population could see Florida turn Republican for the first time in eight years.With the presidential election fast approaching, IBTimes UK visited Orlando and spoke to people, groups and organisations in the influential city of Orlando, who could decide whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win the race for the White House. Oct 9, 2016