US election 2016: Where the battle between Trump and Clinton will be won or lost

A handful of key battleground states are likely to dictate the outcome of the US presidential election.While there are as many as 11 real swing states in this years election, some have a far higher number of Electoral College votes, meaning candidates will battle it out for victory in just a handful of key states. Here, we look at the key states where the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could be won or lost. Oct 7, 2016

Ukip MEP Mike Hookem describes scuffle with Steven Woolfe as handbags at dawn, girl on girl

In an interview with Sky News,Ukip MEP Mike Hookem described the circumstances that resulted in Steven Woolfe being hospitalised. Mr Hookem gave his account which involved Steven Woolfe inviting him to take this outside, mano il mano [sic], and then described the altercation as tussle between an elderly grandfather and a 40-year-old MEP. Steven Woolfe reportedly hit his head that resulted in two seizures and a CPR team being called the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg. Oct 7, 2016