Arm Tone Exercises

If you think you have flabby then try this arm tone exercises to lose the fat of your upper arms which will definitely gives you results. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Mar 25, 2014

Pranayama - a recap on breathing techniques

We are going back, for a recap on our breathing exercises! In this, we see Anuloma Viloma and Surya Bhedha & Chandera Bheda Pranayama in a brief! check out for the full webisodes in our youtube channel Twitter: YouTube: A Ventuno Production Mar 24, 2014

Super Vegan Foods

There are few things you have to know, before you consider converting to vegan! Because knowledge is power and there's nothing wrong being a vegan! So know these basic foods that you can thrive being vegan, with no need for nutrition supplements. Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : A Ventuno Production Mar 22, 2014

Pilates - Beginners WarmUp Exercises - Part 1

In this webisode, we start with Some warmup lessons for Beginners Pilates... starting with breathing in rhythm and concentrating on parts to warm up. Keep yourself open to learning, as Divya is going to give some greater insights about our body! Mar 22, 2014

Nerve Surgery Saved a Woman's 'Dying' Fingers

A woman whose finger tips were 'dying' - which turned scaly, black and covered in black tissue were saved through a surgery on the nerves down her spinal cord, according to a report. Mar 21, 2014