Worlds first malaria vaccine moves closer to use in Africa

The worlds first malaria vaccine, made by GlaxoSmithKline, could be approved by international regulators for use in Africa from October after final trial data showed it offered partial protection for up to four years. Apr 24, 2015

David Cameron and Ed Miliband react to HSBC headquarters move

HSBC Holdings, Europes biggest bank, will review whether to move its headquarters out of Britain, potentially dealing a blow to a country trying to balance tighter regulation with the importance of the financial industry to its economy. Apr 24, 2015

Fans camp out at store in anticipation of Apple Watch

The Apple Watch launched globally on 24 April with a small queue of Japanese tech-addicts lining up in Tokyo for Apple’s first wearable gadget, but there was no sign of the excitement usually attached to the companys product rollouts. Apr 24, 2015