South Korea


Leaders Of North And South Korea Hold Historic Meeting

The summit between the North and South Korean leaders covered a lot of ground. After the two shared a handshake on each side of the border, the two leaders planted a tree, toasted and unveiled a cake to commemorate the event. and amp;nbsp;Picture and amp; Footage Courtesy:Getty ImagesReuters and amp;nbsp;Music:Jahzzer The Wrong Way 24 days ago

Who is Admiral Harry Harris?

Navy Admiral Harry Harris, and amp;nbsp;commander of U.S. and amp;nbsp;Pacific Command, could become the next ambassador to South Korea. The 61-year-old military veteran had been tapped as ambassador to Australia and amp;mdash; President Donald Trumps original plan. That hearing and amp;nbsp;has since been postponed. and amp;nbsp;Music: Audioblocks - Truth-Picker 27 days ago

North Korea promises not to nuke South Korea

North Korean state television KRT released a video of its leader, Kim Jong Un, meeting the South Korean delegation on March 5, after both sides held a two-day meeting in Pyongyang.  South Korea has said that the North has promised not to use nuclear and conventional weapons against them. Mar 6, 2018

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics come to a close

The 2018 Winter Olympics came to a close in Pyeonchang, South Korea on Sunday (February 25) with a lavish firework display. The fireworks accompanied performances from K-pop bands including EXO and CL. The next winter games will be in Beijing in 2022.  Feb 25, 2018

5 times sport overcame conflict

After a long period of tension North Korea and South Korea will march together under one flag during the 2018 Winter Olympics. Olympics amongst other sporting events have been responsible for promoting peace and unity. Feb 9, 2018