Ankit Bhatia

After exploring destinations like South Korea and Reunion Island, Ankit Bhatia then landed on the land famous for its lovely beaches, romantic getaways, luxury lifestyle, and expensive
honeymoons. Yes, you are right as this time it was none other than the Maldives waiting to be explored.

He gave his personal touch to the trip went with four of his friends and made it a blend of luxury and local, where he spent a total of one week, with three days at a luxury resort and 3 days at a normal local one. He first went to Rangali Island, Maldives via collaboration, and there he experienced luxury by visiting the first underwater villa and restaurant which was quite expensive. As Maldives is famous for water activities, even he and his friends took part in some of these activities. Along with this, he ate some exquisite food.

A major activity that he did at the Rangali underwater villa was to plant a reef of his own name. This particular activity is a special one at the luxury stay and is a means to render aid to the cause against growing global warming, marine life depletion, and rising water levels in and around the Maldives. So, under this activity, he had a reef planted in his name and he will receive a picture

every six months to see how much his reef has grown.
Following all this, Ankitbhatiafilms moved to the local area where he was to interact with the localities and take part in various activities. Here he wanted to see how the local people carried on their daily tasks and what jobs they took up along with their cultural inclinations. He and his friends had their first whale shark experience here along with scuba diving. Then they moved to Salt Bank Island which was a small picnic island nearby and there did all the local island activities like jet skiing, supa riding, snorkeling, and many more.

While communicating with the local people, he discovered that most people traveled to the main Island for their regular jobs while the majority were dependent on tourism for their livelihood and this majority is about 70%. The most amazing thing that Ankit found was that the people lived a basic yet very happy life. In his words, " The people lived a very chilled lifestyle. On the island, the population was about 1200 people and almost everyone knew everyone. It was like staying amongst a big joint family living in different houses."

Just like this, most islands had limited populations, less than that of a mediocre Indian town in Uttar Pradesh or Tamil Nadu. People get up as per their time and spend a relaxed day without much hustle or tension and then go to the sunset for having a beautiful end to their calm day.

For him, this trip was a blend of the exclusive and luxurious life in the Maldives filled with exquisite food, expensive stay, and popular sports along with getting to know the local people and their daily lifestyle which is very different and soothing as compared to most places. He expressed his views by saying, "The blend is so subtle yet vibrant as on one end everything is so top-notch that it requires rigorous work and regular checking while on the other hand, every individual is very laid back and relaxed. They know how they gotta work and they don't make a fuss about it which is highly commendable. They enjoy every bit of their life and day."