Young girls share heartwarming dance with Dallas Airport worker

Two young girls found a new dance partner with a Dallas airport worker who was working from the tarmac on 15 December. Joe Vaughn and his family were waiting for a flight to Oklahoma in the early hours of Saturday morning when his daughters began dancing next to the window. The airport employee on the ground began busting a move with the girls, imitating an airplane and a chicken, much to the familys amusement. Dec 19, 2017

Facebook targets children under 13 years with new messenger app

For the first time, Facebook is opening up to children under age 13, with its Messenger Kids app. It released a limited preview of the app to Apple users in the US. The company said although the app targets children, it comes with strict parental controls as they can monitor their kids online activities. Dec 5, 2017

Facebook, Google and Twitter have circulated some of the most outrageous fake news

Since Donald Trumps 2016 presidential election campaign trail, fake news has been thrust into the spotlight. Tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter have come under scrutiny for failing to stop the circulation of fake news. On 31 October, representatives from these three tech companies are testifying on Capitol Hill for the Russian-tie investigation for the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign.  Nov 2, 2017