Samsung Galaxy S3 Facing Strange Problem - Supply Shortage

When smartphone makers are struggling to sell their products, Samsung Electronics is reportedly facing a strange problem - supply shortage of its latest smartphone Galaxy S3. The reports of Samsung Galaxy S3 supply shortage came just on the heels of the announcement made by the South Korean firm that it is expecting the sales of the smartphone to touch 10 million in the first two months. Jun 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 From Korea, World's First Quadcore LTE Smartphone

Samsung is gearing up to release a Samsung Galaxy S3 variant which has both LTE and Quadcore support. In the new model, both the quad-Core Exynos application processor and LTE modem chip are will be integrated separately, which is why the this version will be thicker at 9mm. Jun 26, 2012

BlackBerry 10 L-Series and N-Series Being Built to Outdo Apple iPhone 4S?

Specifications concerning the upcoming BlackBerry 10 powered 'London' smartphone are apparently revealed on the BlackBerry news site N4BB. The L-Series all-touch handset is said to come with a 768×1280 screen resolution with 356 ppi pixel density, while the the QWERTY based BlackBerry N-Series is going to feature 720×720 resolution display with 330 ppi pixel density support. Jun 26, 2012

Google to Compete With Apple, Microsoft; Google Tablet Specs

After Microsoft, it's Google that is taking on the Apple in tablet market. The search giant will launch its tablet on June 27 at Google I/O, an annual developer conference. Google's tablet is likely to be called Nexus. It reportedly feature 7-inches screen size and run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Check out Google tablet specs. Jun 26, 2012

Judge Ends Apple-Motorola Patent War

Apple Inc On Friday lost a crucial lawsuit to Google's Motorola, thereby putting an end to the global patent war the iPhone maker has long waged since 2010. The ruling was issued in the Chicago federal court, with Judge Richard Posner conceding that Apple will no more seek an injunction against the Motorola Mobility unit. Meanwhile, both the tech companies are permitted to appeal Friday's ruling, a Reuters report said. Jun 25, 2012

7 Reasons Why Apple iPhone 4S Has Upper Hand Over Samsung Galaxy S3

Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung GalaxY S3 are both powerful smartphones with its unique advantages and disadvantages. It can be said that Apple iPhone 4S has got the right challenger for the competition. Quite many reviews makes Galaxy S3 the winner over Apple iPhone 4S. However, Apple iPhone 4S holds it own stand with some features that are superior to that of Samsung's latest flagship phone. Jun 25, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet: 4 Unknown Things About Surface

Microsoft has taken on Apple iPad by unveiling its Surface tablet last week. Technology experts are impressed with the tablet that is powered by its operating system Windows 8. However, people are still left in the dark on certain aspects of the tablet. There are four unknown things about Microsoft Surface Tablet. Jun 25, 2012