Manchester United vs Leicester City: Claudio Ranieri not nervous ahead of historic match

Leicester fans around the world will be biting their fingernails going into the weekend, as the Foxes sit just three points away from securing their first ever Premier League title. Manchester United and Old Trafford are all that stand in the way, but boss Claudio Ranieri says he and the players are “not nervous” ahead of the big game, but must remain concentrated on the task at hand. Apr 29, 2016

Arsene Wenger blasts Gunners critics for having a ‘personal agenda’

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has told the fans to stick together in the face of growing negativity towards the team from a multitude of sources. Arsenal have seen another title bid fall flat, after only one win in four games hasn’t allowed them to keep up for rivals Leicester City and Tottenham. Wenger said he understands frustration from fans, having won their last title back in 2004, but insists critics are trying to “manipulate” them to suit their own agenda. Apr 29, 2016