barroso-defends-eu-crisis-response-in-address Play

Barroso defends EU crisis response in address

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso defended Wednesday the measures taken to tame the debt crisis, putting eurosceptics on notice ahead of EU elections next year. Duration: 00:48 Sep 11, 2013
quebec-presents-controversial-bid-to-ban-religious-garb Play

Quebec presents controversial bid to ban religious garb

Officials in Quebec present their controversial bid to ban religious apparel -- including headscarves, turbans and yarmulkes -- on public sector workers, part of an overhaul to the Canadian province's "Charter of Values." Duration: 01:22 Sep 11, 2013
egypt-army-combs-gaza-border-for-tunnels-after-attack Play

Egypt army combs Gaza border for tunnels after attack

Egyptian army continued bulldozing in the frontier town of Rafah looking for tunnels near the Egyptian border with the Palestinian Gaza Strip on Wednesday after twin car bomb blasts targeting Egypt's army killed at least six soldiers in the restive Sinai peninsula. Duration: 00:29 Sep 11, 2013
turkish-mans-death-sparks-angry-protests Play

Turkish man's death sparks angry protests

Turkish police fired tear gas and plastic bullets at thousands of people who gathered in Istanbul Tuesday to protest the death of a 22-year-old demonstrator in southern Turkey. Duration: 00:39 Sep 11, 2013
guatemalans-hold-funeral-for-44-bus-victims Play

Guatemalans hold funeral for 44 bus victims

Relatives mourn the 44 victims of a bus accident in Guatemala. The bus carrying scores of passengers plunged off a steep cliff in western Guatemala, injuring many others. Duration: 00:35 Sep 11, 2013
astronauts-return-from-international-space-station Play

Astronauts return from International Space Station

Three astronauts returned to Earth Wednesday on board a Russian Soyuz capsule after a half-year mission on the International Space Station (ISS), landing in Kazakhstan, mission control in Moscow announced. Duration: 00:29 Sep 11, 2013
c-africa-government-condemns-upsurge-in-violence Play

C. Africa government condemns upsurge in violence

The Prime Minister of Central African Republic's interim government on Wednesday condemned fighting involving armed supporters of the country's ousted president in the northwest of the country, where at least 60 people have been killed. Duration: 00:39 Sep 11, 2013
cape-town-gang-wars-put-children-in-firing-line Play

Cape Town gang wars put children in firing line

In the South African township of Manenberg drug related gang violence has long been a problem, but in recently the turf war has seen 16 schools temporarily shut down, keeping thousands of children at home for two days. Duration: 02:20 Sep 11, 2013