arvind-kejriwal-files-nomination-papers-from-delhi-slams-opposition Play

Arvind Kejriwal files nomination papers from Delhi, slams opposition

New Delhi, Nov 16 (ANI): As the 2014 general elections are approaching, AAP representative Arvind Kejriwal also filed his nomination paper following BJP and Congress nominations. Kejriwal slammed the opposition BJP as well as Congress for corruption and said that the nomination is filed on the behalf of the common man and not a political party. He further slammed Congress’ advertising banners and said that is there would have been any development in Delhi, Sheila Dikshit would never have required posting banners and bragging about the developments done. Nov 16, 2013
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British PM welcomes European Commissions say in Spain-Gibraltar row

Colombo, Nov 16 (ANI): Addressing a news conference in Colombo on Saturday, British Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the decision of European Commission on Spain-Gibraltar border issue, which comes in favour of Spain and rules out UK’s complaints. Earlier, Britain had said that it is confident that Spain was breaking EU (European Union) law by imposing "politically-motivated" checks at its border with Gibraltar, after Madrid imposed strict controls at the border following tiff with the latter over an artificial reef created by it in disputed waters. The European Commission too found that Spain had broken no EU rules by stepping up checks on the border crossing into Gibraltar. Nevertheless, Cameron said that raising the issue with the Commission had definitely served a purpose and good had come out of it. Nov 16, 2013
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Congress, maintain some decency during election campaigns: Rajnath Singh

Raipur, Nov 16 (ANI): BJP president Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that the limits of decency should not be crossed by Congress leaders during election campaign speeches. Rajnath said that the more baseless allegations Congress levels at BJP and its PM Candidate Narendra Modi, the more his party will emerge stronger. Nov 16, 2013
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Congress should name their PM candidate: Rajnath Singh

Raipur, Nov 16 (ANI): BJP president Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that there is no chance of any rethinking by his party over its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Singh further said that the Congress instead of pondering over Modi, should announce their PM candidate. Nov 16, 2013
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Shi'ite Muslims take to streets during Muharram procession in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Nov 16 (ANI): Shi'ite Muslims took to streets in Bangladesh on Friday; flogged themselves with steel-tipped flails and slashed their bodies with knives to express solidarity with Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad, observing ‘Ashura’ the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram. Imam Hussein was killed by his political rivals along with 72 companions in the 7th century battle of Karbala. Crowd of mourners, men and women came out in droves and observed Ashura. Ashura falls on the tenth day of a 40-day mourning period during the Islamic calendar's first month, Muharram, which commemorates the death of Imam Hussein. Shi'ites express their mourning by crying, flagellating themselves and listening to verses and sermons about how Hussein and his family were martyred. Nov 16, 2013
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INS Vikramaditya to increase power & capability of Indian Navy: K Raja Menon

New Delhi, Nov 16 (ANI): As the much awaited USD 2.3 billion aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya is set to be inducted into the Indian Navy on Saturday, Rear Admiral (Retd) K Raja Menon said that the carrier will definitely increase the power and capability of the Indian Navy in the long run. He said that the carrier will make the Navy independent and India would no longer be dependent on other countries for the same. Defence Minister AK Antony will today commission INS Vikramaditya at the Sevmash shipyard in Russia. Further, Menon said that India would definitely need more carriers and even powerful ones, but the present deal is more than satisfactory for now. Nov 16, 2013
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DMK express disapproval on CHOGM participation amidst protests

Chennai, Nov 16 (ANI): As the CHOGM meet witnessed the presence of India’s Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid in lieu of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh even after huge protests from the Tamil Nadu leaders and civilians, DMK Spokesperson TKS Elangovan expressed his disapproval over the same. He said that India should have gave Sri Lanka a reply on its atrocities inflicted on the Tamils during the war. Elangovan also said that the meet is an insult to Indian Tamils. Further, he said that the scheme implemented by the Indian government for the relief of Tamils on the island nation is benefitted by the Sri Lankan community and that there is no use of the same for Tamils in that case. Nov 16, 2013
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FPCCI chief favours special trade status for India

New Delhi, Nov 4 (ANI): President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Zubair Ahmed Malik, has pitched for Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status for India and liberalized visa regime to boost bilateral trade. Malik said the focus is to improve trade between two neighbours. Trade has long been tied to political issues between the hostile neighbours. The MFN status would help normalize trade relations between the two nuclear-armed rivals by ending heavy restrictions on what India is allowed to export across the border. New Delhi granted its neighbour such a status in the mid-nineties. Nov 16, 2013
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I am disappointed, wanted our PM to visit Jaffna: Salman Khurshid

Colombo, Nov 16 (ANI): Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid has said he is disappointed that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh couldn’t visit Jaffna, epicentre of the civil war in Sri Lanka. Singh skipped CHOGM summit in Sri Lanka, after many political parties and some ministers advocated a thorough boycott by the PM to visit Colombo, over alleged war atrocities of the Sri Lankan Army in its war against the Tamil Tigers. Sri Lanka is hosting CHOGM from November 15 to 17. Khurshid enlisted relief and rehabilitation work undertaken by New Delhi. Khurshid urged Colombo to resolve the human rights issues. Nov 16, 2013
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Maboneng: a hotspot for hipsters in downtown Johannesburg

Thirty year-old entrepreneur Jonathan Liebmann has transformed a no-go area of Johannesburg into the city's most fashionable neighbourhood. The Maboneng Precinct boasts cafes and loft apartments where dilapidated warehouses stood. Duration: 02:19 Nov 16, 2013
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Serbia, Czechs tied 1-1 in Davis Cup final

Serbia and defending champions the Czech Republic were tied 1-1 after the first day of the Davis Cup final on Friday as Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych swept through in straight sets. Duration: 01:32 Nov 16, 2013