Omar Abdullah
Omar AbdullahIANS

Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah alleged that opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its leader Mufti Mohammad Sayeed were behind the killings of thousands of youths and devastated the lives of many poor.

""It was none other than Mufti who brought the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and Governor Jagmohan to Jammu and Kashmir and it was his party that sabotaged all efforts for its revocation. He was the one who, as the home minister of India in the V P Singh government, supervised the annihilation of thousands of our youth in massacres that have become synonymous with the Mufti name," Deccan Chronicle quoted Omar as saying.

While addressing his party members from Srinagar's Sonawar constituency on Saturday, Omar mentioned about PDP General Secretary Mohammad Dilawar Mir's conviction in a corruption case and claimed that the party could go to any lengths to satisfy their lust for money.

"There is nothing that PDP leaders have left untouched when it comes to their insatiable hunger for money. With their General Secretary's conviction by CBI, it seems that air is now the only commodity that PDP has not robbed and misappropriated," he said.

"Their leaders have not only stolen rice meant for the poor and needy but also stolen the rice bags meant to distribute that rice. Such is the outstanding calibre of PDP's choicest new faces in politics. They (PDP leaders) have also officially been honoured with a gold medal of corruption in stealing fertilisers and that is a new addition to the list of rice, windfall apples, forests and custodian land," Omar added.