Rescue workers pull  a zombie out of Lake Michigan
Rescue workers pull a zombie out of Lake MichiganScreenshot/Youtube

Halloween may long be over, but that hasn't stopped zombies from haunting Lake Michigan in Chicago. The dearly undead has been floating about since the unfortunate mishap on Halloween night.

Giving the citizens a true taste of the scary holiday, Chicago braved heavy winds that resulted in causing record high 21-foot waves in some parts of the lakeshore and flooding nearby areas on Halloween.

Owing to Lake Michigan spilling into the adjacent Lakeshore Drive and huge swaths of Chicago's beaches disappearing beneath the waves in what is dubbed as the "Halloween Howler", the city officials even had to close down part of the Lake Michigan and adjacent Lake Shore Drive in the afternoon.

A floating haunted house on the Navy Pier, however, could not be saved from sinking. While over 50 zombies have been pulled out over the course of the week, rescue crews are still hard at work.

Owner of the zombie containment, John LaFlamboy told WGN as he watched divers pull out the 10 large containers that made up the thousand-dollar haunted house, "It's an unbelievable amount of effort that went into it with, painters, prop-builders, costume makers, artists of all variety put their.. life into this thing... So to watch it sink was very heartbreaking for a lot of us."

The high winds and waves "battered it, and battered it until she couldn't take it anymore," says a disheartened LaFlamboy.

After the drowning of the floating haunted house, officials closed down other attractions as well, including the Ferris wheel, Grand Ballroom and East End Plaza.

"It's easily one of the craziest things I have ever seen," says Teila Halpin, who helped build the floating haunted house, as she watched the zombies get pulled out of Lake Michigan by the rescue workers in awe.

"Watching them pull it out and just the state that they're all in, its mind boggling the destructive power of nature, and of water," Haplin relates.

However, she promises that the "zombie containment will rise again."