Italian soccer star Del Piero arrives in India, says excited to play for Delhi Dynamos

New Delhi, Sept 18 (ANI): Former Italian international and World Cup player Alessandro Del Piero arrived in New Delhi on Thursday to take part in Indian Super League (ISL). Del Piero is considered one of the superstars of Italian football and has 91 caps with the Azzuris and is one of the main star attractions at the Indian soccer league. The former Juventus star will also be the competition's brand ambassador. Del Piero, 39, said he is looking forward to train with the players and coaching staff of his Delhi Dynamos team. The ex-Juventus star added that he will also help the young talent groom, who will share the dressing room with him. Dressed in a grey suit, the Italian was mobbed by fans and media as he landed at Delhi international airport. Sep 18, 2014

PETA clashes with Fashion, demands for ban on animal tested cosmetics in India

New Delhi, Sep 18 (ANI): Animal rights advocates of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) staged a protest at India Gate in New Delhi on Thursday demanding ban on sale of animal tested cosmetics products across Indian markets. Chaitanya Koduri, Science Policy Adviser for PETA India urged the Health Minister Harsh Vardhan to ban the sale of cosmetics products, which are being tested on animals abroad, across the country. However, Koduri said that in India animal testing has been banned since May 2014. According to PETA, in laboratories abroad, animals are routinely mutilated and used in various experiments especially for cosmetic products which are being supplied and sold in Indian markets. Sep 18, 2014

Xi Jinping addresses ICWA, assures supporting India for permanent membership in UN Security Council

New Delhi, Sep 18 (ANI): While addressing Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) in Delhi, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday said that India is a colourful nation and that both sides have agreed to forge a closer partnership for development. Jinping said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India and China are two bodies and one soul which reveal connection between the two nations. Jinping further made an important announcement and said that China will support India for a permanent membership in the UN Security Council. He also acknowledged that the two nations have supported each other with their struggle for freedom. Sep 18, 2014

Border standoff dominates Chinese President Xi Jinping's India visit

Leh, Sep 18 (ANI): Chinese troops as well as civilians transgressed the de facto but disputed border with India that overshadowed ongoing President Xi Jinping visit to New Delhi. A standoff between Indian and Chinese soldiers overshadowed a visit to New Delhi by China's President Xi Jinping on Thursday (September 18), with a $20 billion investment pledge eclipsed by robust comments from Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the dispute. Officials confirmed that the soldiers had pulled back from their positions in a barren area of the Ladakh plateau in the western Himalayas claimed by both nations. Raising hopes for a renewed push to resolve their territorial differences, Modi called for an early border settlement with China after delegation-level talks with Jinping. Gurmet Dorje, Executive Councilor, Chumar, urged the government to handover the security of the region to army which had been manned by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. Sep 18, 2014

Scotland votes on independence from UK

Scotland voted Thursday in an independence referendum that could break up the centuries-old United Kingdom and create Europe's newest country since the collapse of Yugoslavia. Duration: 02:18 Sep 18, 2014

Stay or go? Scotland votes on independence from Britain

Scotland began voting Thursday on whether to become independent, in a referendum that could break up the centuries-old United Kingdom and create Europe's newest country since the collapse of Yugoslavia. Duration: 00:59 Sep 18, 2014