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Fire ravages iconic French radio building

A fire broke out on Friday on the seventh floor of the "Maison de la radio" ("Radio house"), a vast circular building in Paris housing several media operations. Firefighters said the blaze started on the seventh floor. Duration: 01:09 Oct 31, 2014
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Ex-Soviet official recalls tearing down of Berlin Wall

Twenty-five years after the Berlin Wall came down, some former top Soviet officials have mixed feelings about the event. Vadim Medvedev, a former member of the Soviet Politburo, says he was 'disappointed' to see the wall torn down. Duration: 01:13 Oct 31, 2014
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Cosmopolitan new Afghan first lady backs French veil ban

Afghanistan's cosmopolitan new first lady backs France's controversial ban on the niqab, comparing the full veil to "blinders" as she prepares to campaign for more respect for women in her conservative adopted homeland. Duration: 01:00 Oct 31, 2014