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According to the suit, the pricing of the McDonald's franchisee's "Extra Value Meal" is around 41 cents more expensive.Reuters File

Have you ever thought if McDonald's lucrative value meals are actually heavier on your pocket than buying the products individually? According to a man in Chicago, you are better off forgoing the combo meals.

James Gertie of Des Plaines in Chicago has filed a consumer fraud class action suit against a McDonald's franchisee in Chicago area questioning the value of their combo deals in court, the Cook County Register reported.

According to the suit, the pricing of McDonald's franchisee's 'Extra Value Meal' is around 41 cents more expensive than if customers bought the items in the combo individually. The combo products include two cheeseburgers, fries and a drink.

Gertie, in the complaint, has stated that he bought an 'Extra Value Meal' from around five of Karis' outlets between October 14 and November 13. He added that every time he bought the meal, he was charged a sum of $5.90 for the meal. However, according to the suit, if he had bought the items in the combo individually he would have paid $2.50 for two burgers, $1.99 for the fries and $1 for the drink — or about $0.41 less than the value deal.

The lawsuit stated that the pricing of the meal makes it of "no value at all, let alone an 'extra value."

The defendant of the case is Karis Management Company, which owns more than 10 McDonald's restaurants near Chicago.

Gertie, in his lawsuit, has sought for a refund of the overcharged money to all the customers who purchased the said meal at any of the outlets operated by Karis Management Company. In addition to this, he is also seeking additional punitive damages.