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Buyers throng Tibetan woollen market in Shimla with onset of winter

Shimla, Dec 12 (ANI): Buyers throng the Tibetan market of affordable winter garments in the hill town of Shimla of Himachal Pradesh as mercury dips southwards. People from all walks of life, particularly youngsters, have been rushing to this market which offers a variety of sweaters, jackets, shawls and coats at reasonable rates. Apart from the local customers, a lot of tourists from across the country are also attracted to the market for their winter shopping spree. Like every year, the exiled Tibetan community here is expecting good business during the winter season. The Tibetan community- in- exile in India is mainly dependent upon the winter garment and wool business for their survival. Most of them move to the plains during this season to have a good business. Dec 12, 2014
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The year Putin tore up the rule book

For years he played the part of the frosty pragmatist, doggedly set on restoring pride and power to a once-great superpower. Then, on February 27, 2014, President Vladimir Putin went rogue. Duration: 02:32 Dec 12, 2014
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WWI 'Christmas Truce' football match memorial unveiled

A hundred years after the famous World War I "Christmas Truce," UEFA chief Michel Platini unveiled a memorial Thursday to the football match British and German soldiers played in no man's land as the guns fell silent. Duration: 00:52 Dec 12, 2014