Chest of Drawers
Which colours do you see?Reddit/agamiegamer

After The Dress, the photo of a chest of drawers is currently going viral online because thousands of people across the globe disagreed on its colour. While some people said it is blue and grey, a few others said that it is white and pink.

A reddit user, monikered as agamiegamer, shared the image online with the caption "What colour do you see: Pink and White or Blue and Grey." The post immediately captured the attention of several Internet users and they started debating over its colour.

Soon, the forum started getting flooded with responses, different users claiming various colour combinations -- blue and pink, black and yellow as well as green and grey. Shortly, the person who uploaded the image revealed that the chest was painted blue and grey.

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However, some of the reddit users, like SleepyMaya, were not convinced about it, as she wrote, "Are you sure though? Is this in your house? Do you have a picture with better lighting? I really find it hard to believe that it isn't pink and white."

Another person commented, "Yep, the local colours are those, but the reddish light adds a veil of pink colour, colouring the unsaturated grey, and warming the coldness of light blue, making it to appear like white."

A netizen described the colour of the chest of drawers as dirty pink or violet and baby blue. "A warm ambient light wouldn't produce that drawer colour as white so my eyes tell me it has to be bluish based on experience. So the colours I think will be dirty pink/violet and baby blue," he wrote.

Some of the Internet users claimed that the colours are looking different because of the lighting. "well it's definitely pink and white, but the lighting makes the white appear light blue but anybody with a brain can tell it's actually white," a reddit user wrote.

Here is how Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director at Optical Express, explains the reason for seeing colour differently (via Mail Online):

Every single person is unique and as a result, our brains process information differently. Depending on how you interpret colours, one person might see it one way, while the very next person who looks at it might see it differently.

Light enters the eye and hits the retina, which is the light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. The light is converted to an electrical signal which travels along the Optic Nerve to the Visual Cortex in the brain. The brain makes its own unique interpretation of this electrical signal.

We perceive an object's colour based on a comparison to its surrounding shades, not on the actual colour itself. Assessing colour vision is just one of the myriad of examinations that can be undertaken during a routine sight test. It's possible for colour blindness to go undetected depending on severity – as it's impossible to see the world through another person's eyes.