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Real face of Pak

Pakistan/Muzaffarabad, PoK, February 17, 2015: Pakistan may be in denial about its involvement in Afghanistan or about supporting Taliban, but none another it's ex President Parvez Musharraf has spilled the beans. He confirms that Pakistan's ISI is supporting Taliban. India's position stands vindicated. Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf has said that under his regime, Pakistan had tried to undermine the Afghan government led by ex-president Hamid Karzai. He also added that spies in Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had given birth to the Taliban after 2001 because the Karzai government had an overwhelming number of non-Pashtuns and officials who were said to favour India, "In President Karzai's times, yes, indeed, he was damaging Pakistan and, therefore, we were working against his interest."That is where the intelligence work comes in. Intelligence being in contact with Taliban groups. Definitely they were in contact, and they should be," the 71-year-old former dictator told The Guardian Former Pakistani president spilled the beans but stayed mum on Pakistan's role in fomenting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Musharaf's interview has revealed what the world has been saying. Feb 18, 2015
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Foreign Minister lauds Indian community for contributing to Oman's economy

Muscat, Feb 18 (ANI): Union Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj lauded Indian community in Oman for boosting the economy of oil-rich Gulf nation. She was addressing the Indian diaspora in Muscat. Swaraj arrived in Oman on Tuesday for holding bilateral talks with the nation's leadership. She is on two-day official visit at the invitation of the Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, and will discuss the entire gamut of bilateral relations, regional and international issues of mutual interest. Swaraj also thanked the NRIs (non-resident Indians) for taking part in large number in the diaspora event in India's western state of Gujarat in January. During her visit Swaraj will hold extensive talks with her Omani counterpart Abdullah on Wednesday (February 18). The two are also likely to discuss Modi's possible visit to Oman later this year. Feb 18, 2015
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Modi Ji had told me beforehand he would auction the suit, says RK Virani who gifted the controversia

New Delhi, Feb 18 (ANI): On the day when the controversial monogrammed pinstripe suit which Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore during US President Barack Obama's visit, has reportedly been able to fetch at least Rs. 1 crore, the person who gifted Modi the suit said that PM Modi had already told him that he would auction the suit later. Ramesh Kumar Bhikabhai Virani said that he had gifted the suit to Modi on the occasion of his son's wedding. As per reports, the proceeds of the auction will go to the Namaami Gange Trust Fund for the Clean Ganga project. The auction will take place over three days. Feb 18, 2015
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Chinese community in Kolkata gears up to celebrate New Year

Kolkata, Feb 18 (ANI): Chinese community in Kolkata is gearing up to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year the Lunar New Year falls on Thursday (February 19) and ends on March 5. In the Chinese calendar, each year is represented by one of twelve animals from the Chinese zodiac. However, this year, there has been confusion around the zodiac. Some are calling it a year of Sheep, while some say it to be a year of Goat. Both are appearing in Chinese decorative material being prepared for New Year. The festival's many customs, observed by millions of Chinese communities around the globe, link back to the idea of inviting good fortune and prosperity, and chasing away bad luck. People of Chinese community residing in Kolkata gathered on streets to watch the celebrations and the famous lion dance, a traditional dance in Chinese culture. The Manager of an authentic Chinese restaurant, Mainland China, Debashish, said to attract more customers, more items have been added to the menu. Feb 18, 2015
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Senior official claims Coast Guard 'blew up' suspected Pak boat, Defence Experts react

New Delhi/ Bhopal, Feb 18 (ANI): In a major controversy with Defence Ministry's statement, a senior DIG of the Indian Coast Guard BK Loshali has claimed in a newspaper report that he ordered to destroy the suspected Pak boat which was found 365 miles off Porbandar coast in Gujarat. Reacting to it, Defence Expert Praful Bakshi said that such statements are always misinterpreted and added that focus should be laid on the fact that Coast Guard prevented a mishap from taking place. Major General (Retired) SR Sinho said that this statement should be taken seriously. The news created flutter in the defence establishment and subsequently Loshali has denied saying what the newspaper has reported. Loshali has issued a statement saying, he was not heading the operation. Feb 18, 2015
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Japanese business leaders call on PM Modi

New Delhi, Feb 18 (ANI): President of Japanese industrial company Hitachi, Toshiaki Hingashihara, called on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi. Hitachi, a leader in construction machinery and air-conditioning systems in India, is expanding in new areas such as information and telecommunication systems, power systems, industrial, transportation and urban development systems. Hingashihara reportedly is willing to contribute towards the development of India as he believes it is becoming an increasingly important country for Hitachi's global growth. The company wants to participate in government-led efforts and provide a wide range of products and solutions, such as social infrastructure systems as advanced medical devices and railways, say reports. Feb 18, 2015
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PM Modi inaugurates 'Aero India-2015', says India reforming defence policies

Bengaluru, Feb 18 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday inaugurated 'Aero India 2015' show in Bengaluru. Modi said that the air show reflects a new level of confidence within the country and global interests in India. He added that India has enormous security challenges and the preparedness is also required to be increased. Modi said that India has made its export policies clearer, simpler and predictable. He further expressed confidence that India will emerge as a major global centre for Defence industry. Feb 18, 2015
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Narendra Modi's pinstripe suit auction: Bids reach 51 lakhs

Surat, Feb 18 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi's monogrammed pinstripe suit, which he wore during US President Barack Obama's visit is being auctioned in Surat today. Bidders have bid for 51 Lakhs till now for the suit. As per reports, the proceeds of the auction will go to the Namaami Gange Trust Fund for the Clean Ganga project. The auction will take place over three days. Feb 18, 2015
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Syria willing to try ceasefire: UN

The UN's mediator on Syria, Staffan de Mistura, says the government has expressed willingness to test out a ceasefire in Aleppo. He says it'll look to suspend air strikes and shelling there. ( Feb 18, 2015
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Bangladesh PM seeks citizens' support to fight political violence

Dhaka, Feb 18 (ANI): Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has appealed to citizens to unite against forces igniting political violence in the country. Hasina was participating in a discussion titled, ‘BNP-Jamaat’s Arson Violence-Blood Stained Bangladesh’ when she broke down into tears watching a documentary where the victims of political violence narrated their ordeal. She added that people, who fell prey to the violence allegedly ignited by BNP-Jamaat-e-Islami, need to be recognized as martyrs. The discussion was attended by ministers, advisers to the Prime Minister, parliament members, diplomats, heads of different foreign missions, vice-chancellors and teachers of various universities, editors and senior lawyers. Feb 18, 2015