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One cannot deny the fact that even in this 21st century menstruation is considered shameful by many. However, people across the world are trying to take down the lingering stigma around something so natural.

The methods of protesting against the stigma are, however, differ from one person other. Recently, a woman named Yazmina Jade went to a bizarre extent to prove the point.

The self-proclaimed 'blood witch' smeared her period blood all over her face claiming that it helps her reconnect with her body.

She shared a picture of the 'ritual' and wrote on Instagram: "Through my teenage years and early 20s didn't enjoy or care for my monthly period."

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 "You could say I had an unhealthy relationship with my monthly bleed and didn't really enjoy getting it at all!!! There was a COMPLETE disconnect from my womb and how I felt towards bleeding."

She wrote that it took her years to realise that bleeding is a 'sacred ritual time' --  "for women to go inward, to let go, to create, to use in powerful manifestation and to honour our womb power and MOTHER EARTH".   

To reclaim the power of menstruation, Yazmina does this ritual every month. She believes that it helps her connect with her womb.

She uses a menstrual cup so that she can use her own blood not only for facial but also for using it in her garden.

Yazmina wrote: "We have shamed ourselves as women for bleeding; men have placed this taboo on us for bleeding. It's a time to reclaim our power through reclaiming that which comes naturally for us. It's a blessing."

Yazmina even created a video of the ritual to explain why she feels that her menstrual ritual is powerful. She hopes that by sharing her experiences, she will be able to take down the shame and silence around menstruation to some extent.

WARNING: Some viewers might not like the content of the video