Women suffering from extreme pain and discomfort during periods because of menstrual cramps, headache, mood swings and fatigue can lessen their suffering by avoiding these foods and beverages from their diet.

Diet plays an important role when women are in their periods. You can curb the pain and other issues like indigestion and bloating during menstruating simply by consuming the right foods.

Here are 5 foods that should be avoided by women when they are menstruating:

1. Drink with caffeine


Women should avoid beverages which got high caffeine content. Avoid having coffee and other drinks which contain this compound. Caffeine has the ability to raise your blood pressure and trigger anxiety and tension, which will make you feel worse during this time of the month.

2. Fat-rich foods

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Foods like pizzas, burgers, desserts, etc should be avoided during periods as they can cause menstrual cramps. Your risk of getting skin problems is already high during your periods and eating high-fat foods during periods can magnify the issue.

3. Alcohol


Though alcohol has the potential to make you feel a bit relaxed by curbing your period cramps temporarily, it can make the cramps worse in the long run. Alcohol can spike up the levels of oestrogen hormone in your body which can increase the pain during periods.

4. Dairy products

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Did you know dairy products can lead to menstrual cramps? These food products contain arachidonic acid which can cause cramps during periods. Opt for toned milk or buttermilk if you really want to eat dairy products during periods as they are considered to be safer than other dairy products.

5. Processed foods

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Junk food, frozen foods, canned foods, pickles, etc should be avoided when you are menstruating. These foods contain preservatives that can worsen your condition during periods by affecting the hormones in your body.