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Have you ever heard of sitophilia?  Urban Dictionary defines it as sexual arousal from food.

Sounds bizarre right? Apparently, Holy Ship!, an annual electronic dance music festival held on board a cruise ship, is urging its guests not to have sex with pizza.

No matter how bizarre it sounds, it seems very unhygienic and also extremely painful too! And, as it happened earlier, the Norwegian Cruise Line has sent a notice to its guests saying not to make love to pizza. Such action is being taken due to some 'uncouth behaviour' that happened on a previous cruise.

But, what is the truth behind it?

The Norwegian Cruise Line, the company behind Holy Ship!, revealed that it was apparently a prank played by one of their guests and all copies of the letter had been removed by the ship's crew.

The letter titled as "open pizza bar for consumption only" reads — "Due to incidents on previous sailings in which patrons engaged in uncouth behavior in the cafe, we feel it is our duty to remind out guests that pizza is for eating, not fornicating."

 The letter read: "Sexual acts with our handcrafted pizzas can bring unintended health consequences and can pose a safety hazard for other passengers aboard our journey. Lewd and/or sexual acts with our cuisines are not only frowned upon but are prohibited by maritime law."

It further added: 'If you suffer sitophilia, or the sexual desire to fornicate with foods such as our pizzas, please inquire with one of our specialists in the medical bay below deck."