Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu sees eye to eye with Donald Trump ahead of US visit
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed all the words said by his son as drunk rambling.

An old video of Yair Netanyahu, son of  Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has put the first family in trouble. In the video, apparently recorded in 2015, the prime minister's 26-year-old son is seen bragging about prostitutes and a billion dollar gas deal.

According to Associated Press, the clippings of the video were aired on an Israeli news channel on Monday, putting the PM's family in a spot. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, called video as media propaganda to bringing him down.  It's "persecution, bloodletting, and shaming," the prime minister was quoted by AP as saying. 

Critics believe that the 20 billion dollar gas deal, referred to in the video must be the deal with an Israeli tycoon named Kobi Maimon, that could possibly be a case of corruption involving Netanyahu. 

The video was apparently shot at a time when the Israeli leader himself was in the midst of criminal allegations involving a gas deal.

The Israeli PM's son says to his friends in the video, "speaking of prostitutes, what's open at this hour? It's possible the waitresses there go with the flow."

Druing the drunken banter, Yair reportedly said: "My dad arranged $20 billion for your dad, and you're whining with me about 400 shekels." Reports suggest that the 400 shekels that he is referring to is the money he borrowed from one of his friends at a strip club.

Yair, however, blamed it on alcohol and claimed that it does not necessarily reflect on how he is, as a person.  "Nasty things about women and other things do not represent the person I am, the values I was educated on and what I believe," he told CNN, "

This is not the first time that Netanyahu's son has come under the scanner for his actions.

Last year, he was panned internationally for posting an anti-Semitic cartoon on social media which said that America was ruled by Jews.