Video captures Mercedes exploding on Londons Park Road

A video captured the moment a burning Mercedes exploded, after crashing into offices on Park Road, near London’s Regent Park, in the early hours of 5 May. The video, originally shared on social media, shows the Mercedes burning amidst massive flames, before further explosions cause the fire to rage harder. May 6, 2016

Man arrives in Honolulu after two months lost at sea

A 29-year-old Colombian man who had been lost at sea for 2 months arrived safely in Honolulu on 4 May, after he was rescued in the south-eastern Pacific by a merchant ship. He was spotted by a China-bound cargo vessel, the Panama-flagged Nikkei Verde, on 26 April, and was transferred to a US Coast Guard vessel off Honolulu, according to the US Coast Guard. May 6, 2016

Texas: Four-alarm fire destroys Houston warehouse

A four-alarm fire destroyed a warehouse while causing a west Houston neighbourhood to be locked down on 5 May. A fire started in a home before it spread to A-1 Custom Packaging’s warehouse, according to local news reports. May 6, 2016

58 People in Sheffield want Elmo as their MP

A man in an Elmo costume got 58 votes in the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election on 5 May. The New Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Bobby Smith was standing for the Give Me Back Elmo Party in the by-election won by Labour candidate Gill Furniss, who was the wife of former MP Harry Harpham. May 6, 2016